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Forensic Accounting


Forensic Accounting is a specialty area of accountancy that provides investigative accounting services to gather, analyse and report financial information. Although Forensic Accounting, Fraud Examination, and traditional Auditing are interrelated they have characteristics that are separate and distinct.

At TaylorHay we specialise in Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examinations.

“Forensic” means “suitable for use in a court of law”, and it is to that standard and potential outcome that TaylorHay Business and Forensic Accountants work.

Forensic Accounting is the application of financial principles and theories to facts or hypotheses at issue in a legal dispute and consists of two primary functions:

  1. Litigation advisory services, which recognises the role of the Forensic Accountant as an expert or consultant.
  2. Investigative services, which makes use of the Forensic Accountants skills and may or may not lead to courtroom testimony.

It is the intersection of financial principles and the law whereby the technical and investigative skills of a TaylorHay Forensic Accountant join.

If your business has any transactions where the cause is unknown, such as an unexplained loss, inventory variance, intercompany balance, unreconciled bank accounts, uncleared suspense accounts, payroll irregularities or some other anomaly, contact TaylorHay immediately.

As these are often complex transactions that may involve fraudulent activity it is important that these irregularities are investigated as soon as possible. TaylorHay can provide you with a qualified Forensic Accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner that will;

    • Identify transactions that have been deliberately recorded.
    • Provide evidence in relation to a dispute, such as loss of profit, valuation or accounting interpretation.
    • Proactively investigate the control environment to identify weaknesses and areas susceptible to fraud or loss.

At TaylorHay our staff of qualified Forensic Accountants and Certified Fraud Examiners are equipped with the skills, experience and knowledge required to analyse, interpret, summarize and present complex financial and business related issues in a manner which is clear, understandable and forensically supported.

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