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Fraud Investigations



Our Certified Fraud Examiners conduct fraud investigations for the purpose of gathering evidence that is suitable to a Court. Although in most cases, our investigations do not proceed to Court, our clear and concise forensic reports can be used for a variety of purposes including:

    • Dispute resolution
    • Disciplinary proceedings
    • Quantifying the total misappropriated
    • Criminal matters such as employee theft and fraud
    • Misrepresentations made during the sale of a business or in promoting a business agreement

At TaylorHay we help clients to establish the facts, find out what has gone wrong by utilising our accounting, auditing and investigative skills, interviewing witnesses and possible suspects and collecting information from your records. These measures will assist you in recovering stolen assets, making an insurance claim if required, taking disciplinary action or commencing legal proceedings against the parties involved.

Our services in respect of fraud investigations include:

    • Interviewing suspects and witnesses
    • Producing statements
    • Background checks
    • Retrieving and examining documentary evidence
    • Recovery of files
    • Examination of documents
    • Determining the period the fraud relates to
    • Tracing funds
    • Quantifying the total misappropriation
    • Prepare a brief of evidence to be used in legal proceedings

If you suspect a fraudulent activity has occurred call us immediately to discuss your concerns.

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