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Litigation Support Services


When a commercial litigation or dispute involves an accounting, or financial issue, TaylorHay Business and Forensic Accounting understands the importance for legal professionals to engage an expert to respond in a precise and timely manner.

The TaylorHay team has significant experience in acting as independent experts and providing forensic accounting services to assist in resolving disputes relating to financial and commercial matters across a wide range of industries and professions.


Our Litigation Support Services included:

  • independent accounting expert witness
  • preparation of independent expert reports
  • quantification of economic loss and damages
  • advice in relation to quantification and methodology issues
  • critique of an opposing expert’s report

We prepare and present expert opinions on complex matters in a clear and concise manner that is easily understood. We can testify before Courts on a broad range of issues including economic loss, business valuations, forensic accounting and fraud matters.

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